Paipo XP
Paipo XP

Paipo XP

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The Paipo XP is the latest re-incarnation of our original Paipo Design, and is our first true "freestyle" bodyboard. We took the standard curvature of the nose and rails from our Paipo XL, and reduced the width to look and feel more like a "sponge" boogieboard. Boogieboarders who seek a firmer, stronger, and faster board need not look any further. This board is a rocket ship, and it's reduced weight and narrower base allow it to perform insane tricks very easily.

We usually recommend this board to more experienced riders, who really love to get into the large surf. The board weighs just under 10 pounds, and is a blast to ride!

The Paipo XP comes in either Red or Black, with a foam deck pad for rider comfort.

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