Do your Paipo's float?

People have described our boards as neutrally buoyant. This is not entirely true. Our boards float, just not as much as a surfboard or a boogie board. Our boards float about as much as a wooden board. Just enough to give a rider plenty rest while waiting on the lineup. and not too much so that the rider can easily dive under waves.


Are Paipos easy to swim with?

They are easy to handle in the water. They swim very fast and take off easily.


Are paipos really faster than sponges?

No brainer. Paipos are the fastest things in the water, no question about it. Paipos can take off further out and further in the pocket than anybody and still make the waves. Even big waves. Really big waves. Really really fast. Smokin.


Are paipos good in small waves?

Yes, they are really fun in small waves. I think that is where they got started. It was later that some people found they they worked really well on big waves as too. The board goes anywhere and works very well.


How easy is it for a paipo to (Duck) Dive?

Paipos can really dive down deep under waves or on coming traffic. This makes them very safe. It keeps you from getting pounded from outside sets or if you get caught inside. It also keeps you out of everybody's way, in terms of traffic. You will never be in anybody's way. This is good for people who like to set up on the inside and catch all the inside waves..


Do you use fins (flippers) with a paipo?

Yes. A good fairly stiff pair of fins is best. I like Duck Feet.


Do I need a leash?

We never used to use leashes and generally still don't. If you should become separated from your board, the board can not surf without the weight of the rider on top of it. So, the board just stops. It will not run away without you. We do install leash connector ($20) for people with special needs. No problem.


I'm a heavy guy. Which Paipo should I use?

First , let me say that these boards are way tough. Nobody has ever broken one. A heavy rider can use either the paipo XL Plus or the Monster Board. Both of these boards will smoke with a heavy rider on them. They will not smush like a sponge. They rocket.

Sometimes I might recommend that if a rider is extremely tall as well as heavy, a Monster Board. The monster is not just for big guys (or gals). Many small riders just love riding them. It's all a matter of preference, riding style. The XL is the work horse of this industry. You can't go wrong with one of these.


How do you ship Paipos?

We generally use FedEx Ground Service or 2nd Day Service.

International shipping is very expensive but we will send a board anywhere.

We do have the ability to ship using air freight to Brisbane or Sydney Australia using Hawaiian Airlines Air Freight Service. You would have to pick up the board at the airport.


What colors can I choose from? Can I paint my own board?

Our stock colors are Red or Black. Painting our Paipos yourself is very easy. A custom color can be painted on by using a durable sign paint, or by taking the board into a sign company with your design or color.


Which end is the front (nose)?

This question does come up. The narrow part of the board is the front.